Stage 4

Rjukan – Geilo

23rd of May 2015
Total distance stage: 167 km




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Geilo is the biggest town in the municipality of Hol, with approximately 2500 inhabitants. It is located halfway between Norway’s two main cities, Oslo and Bergen. Geilo is situated at 798 meters above sea level, near two national parks; Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. Here you will find plateaus, waterfalls, rivers, and a rich wildlife. There are several mountain roads and well- marked and well-trodden paths if you want to walk or cycle. In Hardangervidda National Park you can experience Europe’s largest reindeer herd, and perhaps be lucky enough to see both snowy owls and arctic foxes. In 2008 Geilo, as one of five in Norway, was designated the title “National Park Village”. In addition, Geilo is working hard to be sertified as a “Sustainable destination” in 2016.

It is over 100 years since Geilo welcomed its first ski tourists. As early as 1867, the first English tourist, Lord Garvagh from London, came to the area around Hallingskarvet. In 1880, his son had the well-known Lordehytta built at Folarskaret on Hallingskarvet. Modern ski tourism began in 1935 when one of the country’s first slalom races was organized in Geilo. That was the beginning of today’s modern, all-round sports resort. Some of the greatest events that have marked the development of Geilo have been the opening of the Bergen Railway in 1909, the establishment of an active ski school in the 1950s, the first chair lift, Geilo Taubane, which opened in 1954 and Norway’s first piste preparation machine in 1972. Geilo’s first hotel, Gjeilo Hotell (now Geilo Hotel), was established in 1880. In 1909 – the same year as the opening of the Bergen Railway – came Dr. Holms Hotel. Skarverennet was first organized in 1974. It is a cross-country skiing race, arranged by the club Geilo IL. The race begins in Finse, and runs along Hallingskarvet, before it finishes at Ustaoset, a total of 37 km. More than 12 000 people participate every year.

Hol has fostered several great athletes such as the freestyle skiers Andreas Håtveit and Tiril Sjaastad Christiansen, the ice skaters Hege and Håvard Bøkko and Christoffer Fagerli Rukke. In addition, the upcoming singer/songwriter star, Daniel Kvammen, is from Geilo.
Geilo has developed into a popular destination – winter, spring, summer and autumn. You will find a selection of restaurants, shops and activities and a wealth of accommodation options. From Geilo it is also only a short distance to the fjords of Western Norway, and the journey by train from Geilo station is an experience in itself.

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