Stage 4

Flå – Hønefoss (Eggemoen)

21 May 2016
Distance: 174 km

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Flå is one of the smallest municipalities in Hallingdal. The Hallingdal-region is by far Norways largest travelling region with almost 6 million guests each year. Although Flå is a small village with about 1100 inhabitants, you can find almost everything you need here, including a bearpark, crocodilepark and a hunting and fishing center. The last few years a lot of the industry in Flå has shifted towards travel and leisure. Olav Thon has invested more than 500 MNOK to help develop Flå from a place primarily based mainly on agriculture and forestry to also include retail and tourism. Flå is the warmest place in Norway during the summer. Should it be too warm you can seek up in the mountains for a cooler breeze, you can go swimming in the river, or you can go to the lake Krøderen only 10 minutes away from Flå sentrum.

The Bearpark alone attracts around 70.000 guests each year and is the largest attraction in the summer for the whole region. One of the reasons why it is placed here is that the last of wild brown bears in Norway resided here. With weights up to 400kg this is by far the largest predator in Scandinavia. In the park you can experience this beautiful and intelligent animal in its natural environment. In addition to the brown bear you can also see other animals that resides naturally in the woods of Norway, like lynx, moose and red deer. You also get to attend feeding sessions and there are loads of other animals that you can pet and get to know better. New of the year is the tropical department, which houses one of the biggest crocodileparks in Norway. Here you can see 30 crocodiles, anaconda, turtles and snakes. If you dare, you can even hold a snake. The park emphasis interaction between visitors and animals like few other, but of course on premises best for the animals.

Flå is growing when it comes to recreation and tourism. The last ten years hundreds of cabins have been built and there are more to come. At Høgevarde around 1000 cabins are planned and

will be offered in the years to come. This is a pristine area where you can hike at more than 1000moh, and in the winter you can go downhill or cross-country skiing. The Hallingdal-region offers thousands of kilometres with groomed trails. With only a 90 minute drive from the capital Oslo, Flå has a serious advantage to the rest of the region. Flå is working hard to focus on nature-based tourism. During summer you can attend different kind of trips with the best guides possible. The Norwegian hunting and Fishing association has placed its national course-center here, where you learn from the best on how to improve your skills in shooting, fishing, and general hunting.
Binner i tre

Welcome to Buskerud!


It`s a great pleasure for me to welcome cyclists, collaboration partners and guests to our county. This race has become a joyful recurrence in Buskerud. The race ́s journey will take us through valleys and villages encircled by spectacular mountains in the north-west, as well as urban areas by the coastline of the Oslo Fjord in the south- east. Both racers and guests will really experience what Buskerud has to offer, and I truly appreciate that.

A steadily increasing number of people discover the great opportunities of Buskerud both as a region to visit as well as to live the Good Life. The urban areas in the south experience the fastest growth in the country. In the north of the county we find Norway ́s biggest tourist region with major ski destinations visited by a lot of international guests during the season. We are also pround of our innovative businesses and clusters in various sectors; hi-tech, subsea, bio-economy and health. Buskerud attracts both talents and investments to a thriving business life.

From the Oslo Fjord to the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda, Buskerud comprises the best of Norwegian scenery. During the summer season there are great possibilities for water sports,

climbing, hiking, fishing and not to forget; cycling. Our ski resorts offer exciting tracks for downhill cycling, and if you want to go inside the mountain there are opportunities for joining mine safaris in old cobalt and silver mines.

We are proud that Buskerud has opportunities for everyone, and it is therefore a great honour for me as Chairman of the County Council of Buskerud to see our county as an arena for this race.

Good luck to all of you!

Roger Ryberg
County mayor

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